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人教版九年级英语复习资料全套 初中英语重点短语和句型 人教九年级全册 Unit 1 Section A make word cards 制作词卡 read the textbook 阅读课本 listen to tapes 听磁带 ask the teacher for help 求助老师 study for a test 备考 work with a group 小组合作 have conversations with friends 和朋友们谈话 read aloud 朗读 improve speaking skills 提高口语技能 give a report 作报告 a slow reader 一个阅读速度慢的人 get the main ideas 获取大意 at first 起初;开始 read word by word 逐字读 word groups 意群 be patient with sb. 对某人有耐心 It takes time. 这得花时间 / 这得慢慢来。 be afraid to do / of doing sth. 害怕做某事 poor pronunciation 发音不好 fall in love with ... 爱上…… body language 身势语;肢体语言 the expression(s) on one’s face 某人脸上的表情 listen for the key words 留神听关键词 as well 也the secret to ... ……的秘诀 language learning 语言学习 It’s a piece of cake. 小菜一碟。 It serves you right. 你活该。 look up the word in a dictionary 在字典中查单词 take notes 记笔记 memorize sentence patterns 记忆句型 do grammar exercises 做语法练习 keep a diary in English 用英语记日记 Section B increase reading speed 提高阅读速度 make mistakes in grammar 在语法方面犯错 be born with ... 天生具有…… the ability to learn 学习的能力 depend on 取决于;依赖 learning habits 学习习惯 have ... in common 有……共同之处 create an interest in ... 对……产生兴趣 pay attention to 注意;关注 connect ... with ... 把……和……连接或联系起来 learn from mistakes 从错误中学习 think about 考虑 Use it or lose it. 非用即失。 Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。 develop study skills 培养学习技能 write down 写下;记下 look for ways to review 寻找复习的方法 Knowledge comes from questioning. 知识源于质疑。 Unit 2 Section A the Water Festival 泼水节the Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 the Spring Festival 春节 the Lantern Festival 元宵节 Mother’s Day 母亲节 Father’s Day 父亲节 a little too crowded 有点太拥挤 eat out 出去吃饭 put on five pounds 体重增加了 5 磅 Guess what? 你猜怎么着? in two weeks 两周以后 the hottest month of the year 一年中最热的月份 be similar to 和……相似 the Dai people 傣族 throw water at each other 互相泼水 wash away bad things 洗去晦气 have good luck in the new year 在新的一年交好运 celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival 庆祝中秋节 in the shape of a full moon 一轮满月的形状 on the Mid-Autumn night 在中秋节的晚上 traditional folk stories 传统民间故事 shoot down 射下 magic medicine 仙药 live forever 长生不老 plan to do sth. 计划做某事 refuse to do sth. 拒绝做某事 lay out 摆开;布置 start the tradition of ... 开始……的传统 admire the moon 赏月 Section B trick or treat 不给糖就捣乱 light candles 点燃蜡烛play a trick on sb. 捉弄某人 give sb. a treat 款待某人 dress up as cartoon characters 装扮成卡通人物 the true meaning of Christmas 圣诞节的真正含义 care about 关心;在意 make more money 赚更多的钱 Christmas Eve 平安夜 business partner 生意伙伴 warn sb. to do sth. 警告某人做某事 end up 最终成为;最后处于 expect sb. to do sth. 期待某人做某事 take him back to his childhood 把他带回到童年 remind sb. of sth. 提醒某人某事 wake up 叫醒 decide to do sth. 决定做某事 promise to do sth. 承诺做某事 celebrate Christmas with his relatives 和他的亲戚们一起庆祝圣诞节 give gifts to people in need 把礼物给需要的人 treat everyone with kindness and warmth 对待每一个人都充满善意和温暖 spread love and joy 传播爱和快乐 Unit 3 Section A buy some stamps 买一些邮票 get to the bookstore 到书店 on one’s right / left 在某人的右边 / 左边 beside the bank 在银行旁边 turn right / left 右拐 / 左拐 between the flower store and the bookstore 在花店和书店之间 go past the bookstore 经过书店 be excited to do sth. 对做某事感到兴奋 try the rides 尝试乘骑项目start with ... 以……开始 need to do sth. 需要做某事 come on 快点儿 hold one’s hand 抓住某人的手 at first 首先;最初 get hungry 饿了 serve delicious food 提供美味的食物 on one’s way to ... 在某人去……的路上 pass by 路过;经过 a rock band 一个摇滚乐队 walk up to sb. 向某人走去 come a little earlier 早点儿来 pardon me 抱歉,对不起;什么,请再说一遍 mail a letter 寄信 go east 朝东走 Section B visit a foreign country 去国外游览 ask for help politely 礼貌地请求帮助 sound less polite / impolite 听起来不怎么礼貌 / 不礼貌 a direct question 一个直接的问题 in different situations 在不同的情况下 depend on 取决于 speak to sb. 和某人说话 school trip 学校旅行 such as 诸如 e-mail address 电子邮箱地址 lead in to a request 导入请求 spend time (in) doing sth. 花费时间做某事 trouble sb. 麻烦某人 communicate better with other people 更好地与他人交流 an underground parking lot 一个地下停车场pass the salt 递一下盐 change some money 兑换一些钱 go on a short study vacation 去游学 an English-speaking country 一个讲英语的国家 in a rush 急忙地 on time 按时 初中英语重点短语和句型 人教九年级全册 Unit 4 Section A have straight hair / curly hair 留着直发 / 卷发 be silent in class 在课堂上保持沉默 be interested in ... 对……感兴趣 on a basketball team 在篮球队 from time to time 时常;有时 turn red 变红 get good scores on the exams 在考试中取得好成绩 wear glasses 戴着眼镜 take up singing 开始唱歌 deal with her shyness 克服她的羞怯 dare to do sth. 敢做某事 not ... anymore 不再…… in front of crowds 在众人面前 all the time 频繁;反复 get tons of attention 被众人所关注;吸引无数目光 worry about ... / be worried about ... 担心……;担忧…… be careful about ... 对……小心private time 私人时间 hang out with friends 和朋友们闲逛 give up your normal life 放弃你正常的生活 the road to success 成功之路 fight on 奋力坚持下去;继续战斗 require a lot of talent and hard work 需要很大的天赋和勤奋 make it to the top 成功;出人头地 give a speech 发表演讲 in public 公开地;在别人面前 Section B be nervous about tests 考试紧张 do well in school 在学校表现好 cause problems 制造麻烦 move to the city 搬到城市 look for jobs 找工作 take care of sb. 照顾某人 miss his parents 想念他的父母 feel lonely and unhappy 感到孤独和不开心 influence his schoolwork 影响他的学业 be absent from classes 缺课;缺勤 fail his examinations 他的考试不及格 make the decision to do sth. 决定做某事 make friends 交朋友 leave the school 离开学校 advise sb. to do sth. 建议某人做某事 in person 亲身;亲自 take a 24-hour train ride 乘坐 24 个小时的火车 even though 即使;虽然 think of sb. 想起某人 take pride in / be proud of 为……骄傲;为……感到自豪 become active in many other activities 在许多别的活动中变得积极have a long talk 长谈 send sb. to a boarding school 将某人送到一所寄宿学校 Unit 5 Section A be made of / from ... 由……制成 be made in ... 在……(地方 / 时间)制造 the art and science fair 艺术与科学博览会 environmental protection 环境保护 be known / famous / well-known for ... 以……闻名;为人知晓 by hand 用手工;靠手做 be sent for processing 被送去加工 be good for ... 对……有好处 no matter 不论;无论 in the local shops 在当地商店里 even though 即使;虽然 American brands 美国品牌 avoid doing sth. 避免做某事 in fact 确切地说;事实上;实际上 everyday things 日常用品 in the future 将来 high-technology products 高科技产品 the earth’s surface 地球表面 traffic accidents 交通事故 Section B fly a kite 放风筝 an international kite festival 国际风筝节 go on a vacation to ... 去……度假 special forms of traditional art 特别的传统艺术形式 turn ... into ... 把……变成…… according to 根据 Chinese history 中国历史sky lanterns 许愿灯 send ... out 发送…… in trouble 处于困境;遇到麻烦 be covered with ... 被 / 用……覆盖 rise into the air 升入空中 hot-air balloons 热气球 symbols of happiness and good wishes 幸福和美好愿望的象征 paper cutting 剪纸 put ... on windows, doors and walls 把……贴在窗户上、门上和墙上 Chinese clay art 中国泥塑艺术 fairy tale 童话 / 神话故事 historical story 历史故事 at a very high heat 在高温下 be used for doing sth.(=be used to do sth.) 被用来做某事 Unit 6 Section A shoes with special heels 有特殊鞋跟的鞋 shoes with lights 带灯的鞋 hot ice-cream scoop 可加热的冰激凌勺 run on electricity 靠电力运行 the style of the shoes 鞋的款式 be used for ... 被用来做…… think of 想出 With pleasure! 乐意效劳! such a great invention 如此伟大的一项发明 in our daily lives 在我们的日常生活中 have a point 有道理 see a website 看到一个网站 the pioneers of different inventions 不同发明的先驱者 by accident 偶然;意外地 boil drinking water over an open fire 在篝火上烧水fall / drop into ... 掉进…… produce a nice smell 产生一种香味 the saint of tea 茶圣 in less than 100 years 在不到一百年的时间里 national drink 国饮 take place 发生;出现 tea culture 茶文化 without doubt 毫无疑问;的确 understand the nature of tea 了解茶的本质 sell ... at a low price 低价卖…… translate ... into ... 把……翻译成…… all of a sudden 突然;猛地 ring the bell 按门铃 musical notes 乐符 Section B potato chips 炸薯条;炸土豆片 by mistake 错误地;无意中 in the end 最后 put lots of salt on ... 在……上面撒很多盐 a much-loved and active sport 一种备受欢迎而且剧烈的运动 more than 超过;多于 in history 历史上 a college teacher 一位大学老师 divide ... into 把……分开 get the ball in the other team’s basket 把球投进对方篮筐 at the same time 同时 stop ... from doing ... 阻止……做…… dream of 梦想;幻想;向往 not only ... but also ... 不但……而且…… the number of ... ……的数量 look up to these basketball heroes 钦佩 / 仰慕这些篮球英雄encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事 achieve their dreams 实现他们的梦想 come up with 提出;想出 lead to 导致 初中英语重点短语和句型 人教九年级全册 Unit 7 Section A driver’s license = driving license 驾照 no way 不行;不可能 be worried about your safety 担心你的安全 be allowed to do sth. 被允许做某事 have part-time jobs 做兼职工作 get their ears pierced 扎耳洞 serious enough 足够严肃 / 认真 cut one’s hair 理发;剪发 wear earrings 戴耳环 be excited about doing sth. 对做某事感到兴奋 take lots of photos 拍很多照片 use a flash 使用闪光灯 stay by one’s side 陪伴在某人身旁 run through the field 跑过田野 make sure 确保 give sb. a hug 给某人一个拥抱 lift sb. up 把某人扶 / 抬 / 举起来 talk back (to sb.) (和某人)回嘴 / 顶嘴 watch scary movies 看恐怖电影 be back by ten 10 点以前回来think back to those times 回想那些时光 have scary dreams 做噩梦 regret doing sth. 后悔做过某事 do social work for their community 为他们的社区做社会福利工作 keep ... away from ... 避免……接近……;使……远离…… give sb. a chance to do sth. 给某人一个机会做某事 make one’s own decision(s) 自己做决定 move out 搬出去 be educated to do sth. 被教育做某事 from a young age 从小 manage their own lives 成功应对他们自己的生活 Section B pass / take the test 通过 / 参加考试 be strict with sb. 对某人严格 get in the way of ... 挡……的路;妨碍…… a professional runner 职业跑步运动员 grow up 成长;长大;成熟 achieve his dreams 实现他的梦想 support every one of his races 支持他的每一次比赛 have nothing against sth. 不反对某事 think about other possible jobs 考虑其他可能的工作 end up as ... 最终成为…… decide for myself 我自己做决定 make this choice myself 我自己做这个选择 enter university 上大学 be serious about ... 严肃 / 认真对待…… spend more time on his homework 在他的家庭作业上多花点时间 care about 关心;在意 have a chance to do sth. 有机会做某事 Unit 8 Section Atoy truck 玩具卡车 at the picnic 在野餐 hair band 发带 belong to sb. 属于某人 attend a concert 参加音乐会 the rest of my friends 我的其他朋友 pick up sth. / pick sth. up 捡起某物 something unusual 一些不寻常的事情 next-door neighbor 隔壁邻居 at first 起初;起先 feel uneasy 感到心神不安 go away 离开 make (a) noise / make noises 制造噪音 think of 考虑;想起;认为 take a shower 洗淋浴 cough a lot 咳嗽得厉害 feel sleepy 觉得瞌睡 look like 看上去像 Section B run after 追逐;追赶 a woman with a camera 一个拿着照相机的女人 run for exercise 跑步锻炼 wear a suit 穿着西装 catch a bus 赶公交车 at the same time 同时;一起 one of Britain’s most famous historical places 英国最著名的历史古迹之一 receive more than 750,000 visitors 接待 75 万多名游客 see the sun rising 看日出 the longest day of the year 一年中白昼最长的一天 ancient leaders 古代首领 communicate with 交流point out 指出 a kind of calendar 一种日历 in a certain way 以某种方式 on midsummer’s morning 在仲夏的早晨 shine directly into the center of the stones 直射巨石阵的中央 prevent illness 预防疾病 for a special purpose 为了一个特殊的目的 a burial place 一个墓地 a place to honor ancestors 一个纪念祖先的地方 celebrate a victory over an enemy 庆祝打败敌人的胜利 over a long period of time 在很长一段时间内 a group of ... 一群…… stop sb. (from) doing sth. 阻止某人做某事 Unit 9 Section A dance to music 随着音乐跳舞 sing along with music 随着音乐唱歌 electronic music 电子音乐 smooth music 悦耳的音乐 have spare time 有空 in that case 既然那样;假使那样的话 World War II 第二次世界大战 feel like doing sth. 想要做某事 stick to 坚持;固守 cheer sb. up 使某人高兴起来 funny dialogs 滑稽好笑的对话 have a happy ending 有一个美满的结局 plenty of information 大量信息 action movies 动作片 shut off my brain 屏蔽我的大脑 save the world in time 及时拯救世界once in a while 偶尔地;间或 scary movies 恐怖片 Section B in total 总共;总计 take sb. to a concert 带某人去听音乐会 Chinese folk music 中国民间音乐 under the beauty 在美的背后 sense a strong sadness and pain 感受到一种强烈的悲伤和痛苦 one of the most moving pieces of music 最感人的曲子之一 cry along with ... 随着……哭泣 look up the history of ... 查阅……的历史 a folk musician 一位民间音乐家 be born in the city of ... 出生在……市 teach sb. to do sth. 教某人做某事 play many musical instruments 演奏许多乐器 by age 17 17 岁前 musical ability 音乐天赋 develop a serious illness 患了一种严重的病 become blind 眼睛瞎了 play music to make money 以演奏音乐为生 get married 结婚 continue to do sth. 继续做某事 perform in this way 以这种方式表演 amazing musical skills 惊人的音乐技巧 during his lifetime 在他的有生之年 by the end of his life 到他临终前 one of China’s national treasures 中国国宝之一 paint a picture of Abing’s own life 描绘阿炳自己的生活 touch the hearts of people 触动人们的心灵 praise sb. as ... 称赞某人为…… Unit 10Section A be supposed to do sth. 应该做某事 shake hands 握手 meet for the first time 第一次见面 be expected to do sth. 被期望 / 要求做某事 an exchange student 一名交换生 greet sb. the wrong way 以错误的方式和某人打招呼 make some mistakes 犯一些错误 welcome party 欢迎派对 as soon as 一……就…… hold out my hand 伸出我的手 to one’s surprise 令某人惊讶的是 kiss sb. on both sides of sb.’s face 亲吻某人的脸颊 be relaxed about time 时间观念不强 a little / bit late 有点儿晚 enjoy our time slowly 慢慢享受我们的时光 value time 珍惜时间 in our everyday lives 在我们的日常生活中 drop by 顺便访问;随便进入 make plans to do sth. / plan to do sth. 计划做某事 be on time 守时 after all 毕竟;终归 get mad 大动肝火;气愤 make an effort to do sth. 努力做某事 avoid heavy traffic 避开拥堵的交通 keep sb. doing sth. 让某人一直做某事 It’s no big deal. 这没什么大不了的。 wear a suit and tie 穿西装、打领带 go abroad 出国 clean ... off 把……擦掉 during the winter season 在冬季期间 take off 脱下(衣服);(飞机等)起飞pack warm clothes 打包暖和的衣服 eastern European countries 东欧国家 table manners 餐桌礼仪 Section B stick your chopsticks into the food 把筷子插进食物里 use your chopsticks to hit an empty bowl 用你的筷子敲空碗 point at anyone with your chopsticks 用筷子指着任何人 thanks for ... 因……而感谢 host family 寄宿家庭 go out of one’s way 特地;格外努力 make ... feel at home 使……感到宾至如归 about one’s age 和某人年龄相仿 be comfortable doing sth. 轻松做某事 the biggest challenge 最大的挑战 learn how to behave at the dinner table 学习如何在餐桌上表现得体 be different from ... 和……不同 cut up 切碎 get used to 习惯于 have a good school year 度过一个愉快的学年 behave properly 举止得体 have a safe trip 旅途安全 show up 露面;出现 knock on / at the door 敲门 初中英语重点短语和句型 人教九年级全册 Unit 11 Section A wait for 等待 drive sb. crazy / mad 使某人发疯 / 发狂have a lot in common 有许多相同之处 be friends with sb. 成为某人的朋友 each time 每次 feel left out 觉得被冷落 make our friendship stronger 使我们的友谊更加牢固 feel like doing sth. 想要做某事 as pale as chalk 苍白 cry for no reason 无端哭泣 call in 召来;叫来 neither ... nor ... 既不……也不…… prime minister 首相;大臣 lose one’s power 失去权力 take one’s position 取代某人的位置 in three days’ time 三天之内 to start with 起初;开始时 Section B remain happy forever 永远保持快乐 search for 寻找 keep one’s eyes on the ground 某人的眼睛盯着地面 a heavy weight on one’s shoulders 某人双肩沉重 the worst day of one’s life 某人一生中最糟糕的一天 on the school soccer field 学校足球场上 miss scoring that goal 错过进球 let sb. down 使某人失望 because of 因为 kick sb. off 开除某人 walk through the door 走进门去 be hard on sb. 对某人苛刻;对某人要求严厉 learn from your mistakes 从错误中吸取教训 go to soccer practice with courage 勇敢地去参加足球训练 be so close to winning that game 差点就赢了那场比赛rather than 而不是 continue to do sth. 继续做某事 pull together 齐心协力;通力合作 to one’s relief 令某人欣慰的是 nod in agreement 点头同意 Unit 12 Section A take a shower 洗淋浴 by the time ... 在……以前 alarm clock 闹钟 go off (闹钟)发出响声 keep doing sth. 一直做某事 wake up 醒来 put on some clothes 穿上衣服 rush out of the door 冲出门外 give ... a lift 捎……一程 at least 至少 be five minutes late for class 上课迟到 5 分钟 be full of ... 充满…… arrive at 到达 be about to do sth. 正要做某事 even though 即使;尽管 wait in line with ... 与……一起排队等待 go on 继续;发生 stare at sb. / sth. 盯着某人 / 某物 in disbelief 不信;怀疑地 jump out of bed 从床上跳下来 go straight to the airport 直奔机场 miss my plane 误了航班 think to oneself 心中想;盘算 wait till the next day 等到第二天hear about 听说 the day before 前一天 turn into 变成 show up 露面;赶到 by the end of 在(某时间点)以前 Section B get dressed 穿上衣服 costume party 化装舞会 stay up all night 整晚熬夜 April Fool’s Day 愚人节 an introduction to ... 对……的介绍 take place 发生 local supermarkets 当地的超市 sell out 卖光 lose weight 减肥 find out 弄清;查明 end up doing sth. 以做某事告终 get married 结婚 cancel his show 取消他的节目 hundreds of 成百上千的;数以百计的 thousands of 成千上万的;数以千计的 police officers 警官 rush to ... 匆忙去…… more than 超过;多于 run away from 逃离 on the first day of school 在上学第一天 turn around 转向;回转 hand in 上交 Unit 13 Section A write to ... 给……写信the bottom of the river 河底 throw litter into the river 往河里扔垃圾 clean up ... 把……打扫干净 land / air / noise / water / waste pollution 土地 / 空气 / 噪音 / 水 / 垃圾污染 turn ... into ... 把……变成…… cut down air pollution 减少空气污染 instead of 代替 be good for ... 对……有好处 takeaway food 外卖食品 keep public places clean and beautiful 保持公共场所干净美观 make a difference 影响;有作用 lead to 带来;导致 hear of 听说 a bowl of shark fin soup 一碗鱼翅羹 cut off 切掉 be harmful to ... 对……有害 no longer 不再 at the top of ... 在……顶部或顶端 the food chain 食物链 environmental protection group 环境保护组织 develop laws 制定法律 so far 到目前为止 scientific studies 科学研究 take part in 参加 help out 帮助摆脱(困境) take action 采取行动 begin with ... 以……开始 save electricity 省电 turn off the lights / shower 关灯 / 淋浴器 pay for 付费;付出代价add up 加起来 use public transportation 使用公共交通工具 Section B stop doing sth. 停止做某事 ride in cars 乘小汽车 paper napkins 餐巾纸 throw away 扔掉;抛弃 put sth. to good use 好好利用某物 have a creative mind 拥有创意的头脑 build ... out of ... 用……建造…… pull ... down 拆下;摧毁 upside down 上下颠倒;倒转 in front of ... 在……前面 win a prize 获奖 open a small shop 开一家小店 set up a website 建网站 sell ... online 在网上出售…… use ... to do sth. 用……做某事 set up a small business 经营小生意 be known for doing sth. 因做某事而闻名 look like 看起来像 the importance of environmental protection 环境保护的重要性 bring back 恢复;使想起;归还 Unit 14 Section A win a prize 获奖 do a survey 做一项调查 meet the standards of a strict teacher 符合一位严师的标准 score two goals in a row 连续进两个球 play the keyboard 弹键盘式的电子乐器 join the school band 加入学校乐队teaching method 教学方法 clear instructions 明确的指示 be patient with sb. 对某人有耐心 work out the answers 计算出答案 explain sth. to sb. 给某人解释某事 because of 因为 put in more effort 付出更多的努力 look back at 回首(往事);回忆;回顾 morning readings 早读 school sports day 学校体育节 long hours of training 长时间的训练 overcome fear 克服恐惧 prepare for ... 为……做准备 art festival 艺术节 make a mess 弄得一团糟 a foreign land 异国他乡 bring many challenges 带来重重挑战 keep one’s cool 沉住气;保持冷静 kind and caring teachers 和蔼体贴的老师们 senior high school 高中 read texts 读课文 go by (时间)逝去;过去 my English level 我的英语水平 with sb.’s help 在某人的帮助下 Section B get a business degree 获得商学位 in the future 将来 believe in 信任;信赖 accept the invitation 接受邀请 junior high school 初中 look forward to 期望attend the graduation ceremony 参加毕业典礼 first of all 首先 be thirsty for knowledge 渴求知识 grow up 成长 over the last three years 在过去的三年里 important people in your lives 你们生命中重要的人 be thankful to sb. 对某人心存感激 the beginning of a new life 新生活的开始 ahead of ... 在……前面 along with 连同;除……以外还 make your own choices 做出你自己的选择 be responsible for ... 对……负责任 in a few years’ time 几年以后 set out on your new journey 踏上你的新征程 none of (三个或以上)都不 / 没有一个 separate from 分离;隔开 be proud of 为……骄傲;感到自豪 查看更多

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